We have been operating in the physiotherapy sector for over 20 years with our and customer’s satisfaction.


The J&S was founded in December 1973 with the aim of designing, producing and marketing equipment for sound reproduction:
Mainly power amplifiers and speakers.


The activity moves to certain types of medical equipment such as electrotherapy, and later (1980) electromyography with the creation of the first model with hard-wired logic and analog presentation on screen XY. We started to use for the first time in Italy the microprocessor 6502.


Production line of equipment for electrotherapy (DYA10A, SM50, Farad2S) which has innovative features (the DYA10A is the first automatic “dyadinamic” ever produced in Italy). These devices are presented all”Intersan of Milan.


A second version of electromyography is made, this time with a microprocessor and possibility of examination of the nerves (with averaging).
In addition to continuing the production of electromedical devices, making year-by-year continuous technical innovations, the company, on commission, has done many works on behalf of the University La Sapienza of Rome, for Telecom and for other important societies.


Designed a new set of equipment for physiotherapy microprocessor. Then the name “Fisiocomputer” is chosen and patented.


Start the sales of the ET2 model (electrotherapy with two outputs) and in the autumn of the same year the entire line (complete with laser therapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound) is presented to the Intersan in Milan.
Also, new line of equipment and systems for the respiratory physiology is developed. Is designed, developed and patented A disposable respiratory flow transducer is designed, developed and patented: so linear that it is exposed, along with some models of portable spirometers PC-based, at the Medica in Dusseldorf, in November 1993.


Designed, on order, the electronic part of a machine for automated clinical analysis (three dishes, for samples, reagents and reactions) which is currently in production.

In 1992 began also a very important collaboration with the Italian Air Force, specifically with the flight test center (CSV). From this many research projects are commissioned, suitable for framing some clinical situations for the rider at different flight conditions.


The company participates in the project FUSE, getting the grant from the European Community. In this regard, we presented our project, called FIRE, which made it possible to acquire the innovative FPGA technology (technology that allows an increase in the level of integration of electronic circuits). The introduction of this technique has allowed the company to break down the production costs of about 25%. The Fire project has been judged by the European community as the best presented at the European level, so as to be exposed in December of the same year, at Vienna’s IST.


After three years of study and research, initially born in the field of oncology, the company receives the certification of an important machine for physical therapy: hyperthermia IP1.


Designed and completed a new Bio Feedback
Production and commercialization of the Power Lasers, the LTS line.


Fisiocomputer UNIK-4 has a double output electrotherapy, magneto therapy, ultrasound therapy and laser therapy, each with the same power as the single products and with the possibility to set two therapies at the same time.


Production of the proprioceptive platform Fisiocomputer PDN-1 that, thanks to its camera system, it allows to attach to the patient board also the record of his therapeutic history.


Production of the Cold ultrasound Fisiocomputer USF-1 with instant excellent results, thanks to its unique epicyclic function, that allows to simulate the convulsion of the handpiece on the treated area, without letting the operator act manually such operation, giving him the possibility to follow more patients at the same time.


The frequency laser technology called “neodimio-yag” is adopted. So, to each laser is applied a diode source with a frequency of 1064Nm. Since then it becomes a standard for the high level physiotherapy, leading to the development of the Laser Fisiocomputer LTS-60.


The project for the production of high vibratory muscular energy is completed with the machine Fisiocomputer EVM.

The research for the creation of a high level Tecar is started, with the maximum possible number of features; since there are many similar machines, a help is given by professionals, to make it is easier to develop a more complete product than the competitors.


Finalized the innovative Tecartherapy Fisiocomputer TK1, that includes top level elements, record of the experience and requests from the best italian professionals; the TK1 can also be portable and it carries many of the technologies that J&S has developed during the ten years partnership with the medical sector of the Italian Aeronautics.
A new robotic system for rehabilitation is produced and presented the following autumn.


A new system for the Total Body proprioception is realized. It is finalized in 2016 and the direct “3D Realtime” translation of the interested parts, makes it possible to make ROM test that are precise and accurate, complex exercises and an objective analysis of the rehabilitation course, based on numeral evidences


Launched on the market new versions of the Tecar: the TK1 PRO, with advanced functions and the TK1 PRONV, unique on the market, for blind people.
Finally, also the brand new Hyperthermia IP1 PRO is produced, with touch screen and the innovative SMART mode.