Electrotherapy uses the biological effects obtained from electrical energy for therapeutic purposes: electric currents are passed through the part of the body being treated.

Like all products of J&S also the “fisiocomputer ET2” have a number of preset protocols specifically designed for the different diseases to treat.

The ET2 also stands out for its practicality and functionality that have allowed it to be appreciated over the years by those who have used it in various physical therapy centers.

Below are listed the waveforms that this latest generation apparatus is capable of delivering:

Current Diadynamic Barnard (Dya)

Obtained from the straightening of a sinusoid-base which was originally at 50 Hz (and instead now, with the ET2, is selectable frequency from 30 to 100 Hz), have inhibitory effect on the conduction of sensory endings, and are in fact the most used between the electrotherapy to relieve pain.
Since the addiction it is the main problem, the ET2 generates eight different types with the unique ability to program sequences at will of the operator with automatic polarity reversal for both single fdo that at the end of the sequence.

MF (single-phase) half-wave;
DF (difase): Full wave;
nS1 (syncopated 1): alternating MF and Pause (1 +1 S);
S6 (syncopated 6): alternating MF and Pause (6 +6 S);
CP (Short Period): alternating MF and DF (1 +1 S);
LP (Long-term): alternating MF and DF (6 +6 S);
MM (Single Phase Modulated): MF with amplitude modulation;
DM (Difase Modulated): DF with amplitude modulation.


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS)

Characterized by the typical waveform with “overshoot” negative, this current excites predominantly the nerve fibers of large diameter, by inhibiting the nociceptive stimuli than those of small diameter. With the ET2 is possible to adjust both the repetition frequency of the pulses within the package (in the range from 30 to 100 Hz), that the duration of the packet itself (from 10 ms to 10 S) and the pause duration of emission (from 0.5 to 4 S).


Muscle Stimulation single-pulse (SM)

Is used both for the stimulation of muscle fibers innervated that partially denervated. It is also possible to use for the detection of the curve “Intensity/Time” (given the possibility to ET2 of down up to 1 mS pulse duration). The ET2 allows the selection of one of eight different pulse shapes. Are obviously adjustable both the pulse duration from 1 to 200 mS that the repetition period, from 0.5 to 4 S.

Faradic current (Far)

Current pulse trains (known in the literature as “Faradic current”) , which is used both for the stimulation of muscle fibers partially denervated that for the stimulation of muscles hypotonic (the so-called “passive exercise”).

This is a sequence of pulses spaced by a pause of emission .

The ET2 allows the choice of a single pulse (one of the eight already seen), the pulse repetition frequency (30 to 100 Hz), the duration of the package (from 50 ms to 10 s) and duration of the Pause (from 0.5 to 4 S).


Iontophoresis or galvanic current (Iono)

Current (the name “Galvanic” has historical roots…). The principal use is devoted to the channeling of medicinal substances with low molecular weights. Since it may occur, with some substances, phenomena of marked polarization, the ET2 provides the ability to program a reverse polarity automatic predetermined cadences by the operator, for the depolarization of the barrier around the areas of contact. This adjustment can go from 0% to 25 % of the time reversed polarity (in the base of the first five minutes).


Kotz (Kotz)

They take their name from the Russian researcher who first codified and scientifically documented use for the muscle (in her case of Soviet athletes, such as Valery Borzov). Consist in “packets” of sinusoidal currents full-wave, frequency-based 2”500 Hz, variously modulated with a low frequency, and intensity of current applied generally with considerable (up to 100 mA effective), to obtain contractions of the muscle bundles of intensity higher than the maximum possible with voluntary action. It is evidently applications to run under strict medical supervision. The ET2 provides for two different types of modulation (square or sinusoidal) and the choice of the modulation frequency from 30 Hz to 100 The duration of the contraction can be selected from 1 to 8 S, while the Pause 5 to 40 S.


They are the “new frontier” in the field of sports applications and preparatory. This can be considered a separate program, as it alone perfectly fulfills the function of virtual gym. Body is specifically designed to perform the work required of every muscle in the body, its main applications are: STRENGTH, TONING , MASSAGE , capillarity and cellulite. Any of these applications has been designed and modified to fit any body type and muscular part chosen, its contribution to a perfect shape or a specific sports training, is crucial for those who want to achieve and maintain results.

MY (Mixing Iontophoresis)

Option provided for adding a percentage of iontophoresis, adjustable from 5 to 25 % , for any therapy selected for that channel.

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