When we speak of Hypertermia we mean the possibility of focusing in a well defined area on the inside of the body, at a variable depth (from 1 cm up to 8 cm).

Sufficient energy to bring the affected part (volume- target) to a high temperature (40°-45°) very specific and controlled without adjacent parts undergo disturbances. The great feature that makes this a unique new thermotherapy is the excellent reproducibility of the thermal parameters, through the use of sophisticated control systems and the implementation of energy systems and target radians.

To achieve these objectives, the J&S made use of its experience in the field of electronic design company dedicated to medical, pouring technologies developed in the context of projects funded by the European Commission crowned with success and acclaim.

In addition to achieving the goals set, the use of these acquired technologies has reduced costs thus making it possible to optimize the value of both the machinery and of its operating costs.

This new method of induction heating is found to be far more suitable for the cure of certain diseases and resolve situations that appeared ostiche and the pattern unhelpful and chronic (contractures, tendonitis, mucolari injuries, arthritis, etc..) All this there does understand how hyperthermia is far more effective than all other therapies that are based on the heat as a means to cure the patient (radar, marconi, etc..).

To give a better idea of what we call immediate “jump” from one system to the new frontier in biomedical now surpassed that is hyperthermia, we provide the primary data comparison between the various thermotherapy used to date.

Analyzing the effectiveness of the “Fisiocomputer IP1”, we must underline the importance that the reproducibility of the series of sessions and increased blood flow (up to 10 times higher than normal) in the target volume specified by us in ensuring many pathologies a speeding up of the healing period extremely valuable. We arrived at the epilogue of what physiotherapy rehabilitation would call “the solution” a system capable of controlling the temperature of the surface layer of the application (skin).

A system able to radiate heat directly, in a controlled and homogeneous, to tissues (volume- target) placed up to 8 cm depth from the applicator system that ensures the reproducibility of the therapies performed ie the possibility to maintain a constant and precise temperature required in the absence of areas overheated whenever we decide to repeat the same patterns of application.

A system capable of operating on the target volume in those temperature ranges in which the heat has therapeutic power for the purposes of physical rehabilitation (necessary for an optimal and specific resolution of the pathology).

A system called E IP1. the elements that make up the IP1 are the highest expression of technology on the market today, the development of the electronics revolves around systems based on the use of ISPLSI (in-system programmable Large Scale Integration) that allowed flexibility and effectiveness of the project unthinkable until recently.

All sub-systems that make up the “Fisiocomputer IP1”  electromedical device for Hyperthermia therapy have been designed with special care to safety, reliability and simplicity of use.

Control functions performed by the central system of IP1 are aimed at ensuring compliance with the parameters set by the operator to control each instant of the proper functioning of each block that contributes to the smooth running of the therapy.

Parameters set by the operator

  • Temperature bolus
  • Skin temperature
  • Maximum output power from the machine
  • Treatment time

General parameters

  • Direct power to the applicator
  • Reflected power from the applicator
  • Efficiency ratio of the radiant system
  • Inlet temperature to the heat exchanger
  • Temperature exiting the heat exchanger
  • Temperature of the RF amplifier
  • Absorption of RF amplifier
  • Pressure in the hydraulic circuit
  • Reference temperature
  • Emissions dispersed

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