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Fisiocomputer MOVESCAN, three-dimensional and rotational electro-medical positional biofeedback, allows the measurement of rotation angles in the three dimensions of all the joints.

From a very detailed analysis of the available literature emerged in the world have been written numerous scientific articles on the use of IMU sensors (“Inertial measurement unit”).
Of these, the overwhelming superior concerns orthopedic rehabilitation and functional evaluation (measurement). The knee, ankle, shoulder and cervical segment of the spine are the most followed joints. Few jobs have been performed on remaining anatomic sites and in particular on muscle traumas, on the trunk and on the hip; however, it is a specific role for rehabilitation protocols with biofeedback. Based on the bibliographic references analyzed in the Clinical Validation, the measures can be extended to almost all the body segments. The MOVESCAN allows to measure the angles of rotation in the three dimensions of all the joints. As for the therapeutic indications, however, it can be used for exercises for the proprioception of the knee, ankles, hips, shoulder, elbow, wrist and cervical joints.

The MOVESCAN is a System for Physical Instrumental Therapy and is composed of an innovative support with large monitors, on which the electronics control are inserted, contained among other things on the latest generation of Personal Computers. Included in the product there then are a wireless keyboard, a monopodal tilting platform, a pair of sensors IMU (optionally you can have a bipodalic platform); platform and sensors can be connected to the central unit via cable (USB). Or wireless as well, using the Bluetooth connection technique.

Through its innovative technology and military derivation, the MOVESCAN allows you to move the joints in 3D, allowing you to identify position, speed, movement and angular movement. IMU sensors relate to the extreme precision that makes this product unique on the market.

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