Every physiotherapist can afford the future thanks to the technology of our physiotherapy equipment

Our physiotherapy machines meet all the needs of instrumental therapy, guaranteeing ease of use and unparalleled durability.

We work alongside physiotherapists with training on the use of electro-medical devices to help them make the most of their potential in rehabilitation therapies.

We supply public and private clinics, studios and physiotherapy centers directly or through our network of distributors in Italy and abroad.

Made to Last


50 years of research and development history in support of the aeronautical and physiotherapy sector


euro invested in research and development projects in the period 2017-2021

Designed to help the professional

Each medical device has numerous pre-set protocols specifically for the various pathologies to be treated

Maximum flexibility of use

Most of our electromedical devices are also available in portable edition

Prompt assistance and training

At our technical assistance laboratories the processing time does not exceed 24/48 hours

Long-term cost savings

Public and private structures have focused on Fisiocomputer for a medium-long term investment

Physiotherapy Machines Catalog

Health & Sport, the line of equipment for sports physiotherapy

Reliable, solid and light machines for the professional who must always be ready alongside the athletes

Sports Physiotherapy Equipment

Specific clinical cases treated with Cryoultrasound

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We have renewed the UV-C sanitization

Room sanitation from viruses and bacteria in a 99.9% controlled manner

We have patented a technology based on UV-C rays that deactivates viruses and bacteria in seconds in a safe way for people and the environment.

From offices to industrial warehouses, from public transport to sports centers, from neighborhood shops to shopping centers, CovKill® technology is not only intended for hospitals, clinics and healthcare environments but can be applied to all the spaces in which we live and work.

Discover the Virus Killer line

Support all types of instrumental physical therapy with a complete and innovative range of electro-medical devices

We have always responded to the needs of operators in the sector with technologically advanced products for physiotherapy, with the best quality-price ratio on the market.

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