Fisiocomputer opens a division of the brand dedicated to sports physiotherapy devices. Reliable, solid and light machines for the professional who must always be ready alongside athletes of any discipline or competition.

Our machines allow you to intervene on the spot and effectively in the event of a trauma during a competition or training.Speed is essential for the health of any professional, because it means reducing the damage or at least the recovery time.
Professional portable Tecar for Tecar therapy

TK1 – Tecartherapy

The tecar therapy machine that guarantees high portability without sacrificing the power needed for treatments.
A concentrate of technology as big as a book.
It can be carried in a bag but can also be used on a trolley in the studio.
Voice support, touch display and joystick for greater ease of use.

UNIK4. Multifunction device all-in-one for physiotherapy

UNIK4 – Multifunctional device

The UNIK4 - Multifunction is designed for all those who wish to own an entire physiotherapy center in a single device.

The UNIK4 - Multifunction offers a range of programs designed specifically for every single need that is analgesic, rehabilitation or preparation.

BFB4 electomedical electromyographic biofeedback

BFB4 – Two-channel electromyographic biofeedback

The BFB4 Fisiocomputer is a two-channel electromyographic biofeedback, which is an electromedical device for physical therapy designed to detect and present in graphic form the surface potentials that are transmitted by nerve fibers. All to be able to perform motor rehabilitation exercises.

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