Cryo-ultrasound therapy device for physiotherapy

USF1 – Cryosonic

USF1 is an electromedical device that uses cold ultrasounds. Cryo-ultrasound therapy is a new highly effective therapy for the treatment of inflammatory and painful states. In fact, the anti-inflammatory action of the ultrasound is associated with the analgesic, anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain action of cryotherapy.


Electromedical device that combines the benefits of ultrasound therapy with cold therapy

How does work Cryoultrasoundtherapy?

The anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-edema is expressed due to various factors: the mechanical factor, represented by the “set in vibration” by the ultrasonic cells of the treated tissue, thus determining a sort of “micro” in depth, and the thermal factor: the temperature increase induced by the ultrasound promotes vascularization and the elimination of the molecules responsible for inflammation (toxic metabolites), however the temperature increase occurs only at the surface level, thus removing the blood to the muscles and thereby obtaining hemostatic action, (ie stop the leakage of blood), very useful after trauma; the other hand, the action of cold, (which first causes vasoconstriction immediate, but then vasodilation by “vasoparalisis“), is represented essentially of an analgesic effect and relaxant; the chemical factor: ultrasound accelerate the scrapping of toxic metabolites responsible for inflammation; also applying an ointment anti-inflammatory ultrasound facilitate its penetration in the tissues, (thereby increasing the effectiveness), with a technique called “sonophoresys”.

The ultrasound emission from the head may be continuous or intermittent; likewise, the operator/dating, use the handle in a circular motion or keep him still.

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