Virus Killer is the new family of devices for environmental sanitation

Fisiocomputer VK sanitizes viruses and bacteria from your environments.Coronavirus too.

UV-C rays neutralize Covid.

The VK family uses UV-C technology, which scientific studies have shown to be the most effective against all bacteria and viruses. After the American ASHRAE, a combined Italian study* between the University of Milan, the Don Gnocchi Foundation and the National Cancer Institute, has shown that UV-C rays break the RNA bonds of even 99% coronaviruses.

The highest level of healthiness and hygiene in environments such as hospitals, clinics, medical centres

The covid pandemic has shown us the need to live in environments free of contaminants, and the technology of the VK family both defeats coronavirus and all type of microorganisms without having to resort to chemicals. VK is, and will remain tomorrow, the most valid ally in environmental sanitation, even when the CoVID-19 pandemic is over.

VK makes sanitizing simple, fast and effective

Only few minutes to be effective in any environment
No management costs
Completely silent and does not require air changes
VK sanitises surfaces without requiring disinfectants
It replaces the use of chemical agents
Minimal amount of ozone, not harmful to health
Sensors detect the presence of people in the room
A detector checks the level of UV-C emissions
Wireless remote control
Preset protocols for viruses, bacteria and fungi
Long lasting lamps

How does it differ from other products on the market?

Answer this question: would you entrust your health to a device set to theoretical values, or to one that sets and modifies its effectiveness according to the values measured at that moment, for that environment?

VK is the only device that calculates the time and power required to eliminate a certain type of virus, measuring and monitoring these parameters before and during the action, based on the conditions and size of the environment to be sanitized. And if the sanitation is insufficient, it corrects itself.


Positioned in the farthest point of the room, it communicates the exact amount of UV-C received at that point to the console, allowing the system to calculate the time required for sanitation based on the selected pathogen.


Equipped with a vocaliser and preset protocols for different types of viruses (including SARS-CoV-2, Tuberculosis, Legionella, Influenza A, Staffilococcus A), it calculates the right parameters for sanitation.

Elimination of bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi
Elimination of chemical and biological pollutants
Allergen elimination
Reduction of fine particles
Elimination of bad smells
Reduction of sick days in the workplace (sanitized air = quality of life)
Work productivity improvement
Respect rules and regulations


Hospitals and clinics
Catering and hotels
Workplaces and offices
Industrial warehouses and shopping centers
Business centers
Sports centers, gyms

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    Is it a safe technology?

    Thanks to its ability to break the molecular bonds of DNA and Rna, the UV-C light radiation is able to make all bacteria and viruses inactive in a very short time. Depending on the energy density and the type of microorganism, it takes a time ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes.

    The use of UV-C rays today represents the solution with the best ratio between effectiveness in sanitization, costs of use and maintenance, safeguarding human health. UV-C rays have been used for over 40 years to disinfect drinking water, wastewater, air, pharmaceutical products and surfaces.

    To prevent damage from exposure it is necessary that people are not present in the room at the time of irradiation. To ensure the safety of personnel, VK has special sensors that detect the presence of people in the room and check the level of UV-C emissions.

    Are there scientific tests?

    UV rays, and in particular UV-C between 200-280nm, are effective against coronaviruses which are the closest relatives of the CoVID-19 virus: SARS-CoV1 and MERS-CoV. Two recent Italian studies, carried out by teams of researchers from the National Institute of Astrophysics, the University of Milan, the National Cancer Institute of Milan and the Don Gnocchi Foundation, have shown that a right wavelength of ultraviolet rays, for a right exposure time at a minimum sufficient distance, can deactivate the molecular bond even of COVID-19 at 99.9%.

    * scientific references:
    – A. Bianco, M. Biasin, G. Pareschi, et al, “UV-C irradiation is highly effective in inactivating and inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 replication”,
    – F. Nicastro, G. Sironi, E. Antonello, et al., “Modulation of COVID-19 Epidemiology by UV-B and -A Photons from the Sun”,

    Is VK ozone free?

    VK is fitted as standard with low ozone production lamps, which are noticeable from the olfactory point of view, but keeps the concentration in the air below the limits considered safe for humans.

    Which product version is right for me?

    Fisiocomputer VK is available in two versions: VK10 and VK20, to try to satisfy the different needs according to the size of the rooms. Both feature the same wireless sensors and controls, and the wattage and lifetime of the lamps are identical.

    Is it a polluting technology?

    Fisiocomputer VK is a device that has a positive environmental impact, avoiding the purchase of chemical detergents and other products harmful to the environment:

    • VK replaces the use of chemical agents
    • VK has long lasting lamps