Physiotherapy training courses

Electrotherapy, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, scanning laser or hot/cold therapies need high level training

In all our courses of physical therapy, theory and practice are introduced into an immediate teaching and organized by qualified experts with decades of experience in the industry.

The events take place in a stimulating environment in the name of the share. Each electromedical is entered in the various therapeutic contexts by presenting several case reports.

The integration between the various physical means and with manual therapy is a central topic of the courses taught.

class courses for physiotherapists


Training in groups of up to 30 people to acquire the basic knowledge of the physical means of high technology.
Tecartherapy, high-power laser, hyperthermia, ultrasound rehabilitation and isokinetic are some of the topics covered here.


This is a tiling activity of our product specialists directly at the customer’s office. It will let you share experiences and methods of application in the field.


Directly in the office of Fisiocomputer. Small groups of 3 people can have a unique training service. With selected topics to improve the performance of using physical means with high technology and their integration therapy.

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