With TK1 Tecartherapy and UNIK4 Multifunction for physiotherapy, today you can access technologies that save you more time and contribute to the satisfaction of your clients.

TK1 and UNIK4 are Fisiocomputer best sellers machines. They’re appreciated by professional physiotherapists who, like you, want a solid work tool that is at the same time practical to carry.

Our slogan is “Made to Last” and these physiotherapy devices are the result of Research & Development that has lasted for more than 30 years.

macchine portabili in fisioterapia

Why choose a portable device?

A portable physiotherapy machine allows you to apply the treatment in a direct, effective and timely manner in every field. And to win your challenge.

Transportable machines made by Fisiocomputer are the best products that the sports physiotherapist could want.

Because they are small, solid, light and above all powerful.
And 100% Made in Italy.

Our portable devices guarantee efficiency, solidity and flexibility of use inside and outside your physiotherapy center.

Contact us to find out the best solutions for your business, compatible with your budget.
  • Two Channels, resistive and capacitive, physically separated with two different connectors In addition to the plate, with different maximum voltages (real capacitive mode)
  • Two waveforms: sinusoidal and square
  • Two operating frequencies: 485 KHz – 1 MHz
  • Two modes: Standard and Athermal (real-athermal, emission 250 ms, 750 ms zero signal)
  • 4 plates
  • Very limited size (36 x 26 x 5 cm, weight 5.2 Kg): more or less like a book
  • Vocal support, display touch and joystick
  • 12/10 stainless steel case, shock resistant and for the complete shielding from electromagnetic waves
  • Dedicated microprocessor for control of current, then absolute protection against electrical discharges both towards the patient and the operator in any situation.
  • Magnetotherapy, Laser therapy, Ultrasound therapy, Electrotherapy in a single portable device.
  • 4 methods that can be used, of which 2 at the same time
  • It allows you to use multiple channels at the same time and for the same treatment
  • Over 200 preset protocols to save time.
  • Magneto, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, and electrotherapy_ the latter with separate outputs. Two for the stimulation pulse and one for ionophoresis, dyadinamiche.
pallavolo fisioterapia

We can finally get back to competing at our levels now that the pandemic is over.
Are you ready to jump even higher?

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