The main therapeutic effects of ultrasound are: the analgesic (due to the heat that is caused by the action of micro-vibration on sensitive nerve endings), the relaxation of muscle contractures.

Although the term “ultrasound” is commonly used to suggest the nature of the acoustic wave, which is propagating in the air, in fact the head of application (which contains the transducer from electrical energy to mechanical energy) is designed and optimized for optimal coupling in liquid environment (water or gel).

The relationship between the ultrasonic power output and the total surface area of the entire radiation is defined by the reference standard (CEI 62-23) as “effective intensity”, expressed in watts per square centimeter.

The “fisiocomputer US1” is able to generate a power U.S. such that they can reach, on each head of treatment used, the actual intensity of 3W/cmq which is the maximum level permitted by the Standard. This corresponds to a total power of about 37W for the treatment head MANU40F1 (which uses a transducer of 40mm diameter, corresponding to an area of effective radiation of 12.5 cm²). And about 21W for the treatment head MANU30F1 (which uses a transducer of 30mm diameter, corresponding to an area of effective radiation of 7 cm²). The level of intensity is effective, however, can be set from 0.1 to 3.0 W/cm². In steps of 0.1 W/cm².

The “Fisiocomputer US1” delivers power with three operating modes: continuous, pulsed and modulated.
The f.d.o. voltage applied to the transducer is sinusoidal, with nominal frequency 1 MHz (in fact the frequency is continuously adjusted to the best transfer of energy to the load).

In the continuous mode the emission is never interrupted and the power is always equal to that set by the operator, in the pulsed mode the output is activated cyclically according to the parameters of the modulation frequency and “duty cycle” set, alternating rapidly emission power set to the non-emission (for example, if it has been set to a pulse frequency of 50Hz with a “duty cycle” of 50% will have emissions of 10 mS alternate to pause for 10 mS).

The modulated mode is similar to the pulsed from the point of view of the setting of the parameters, but instead of a provision of on/off type one has a gradual transition (with trend halfsine) from emission to non-emission, for the simulation of the effect “massage”.

The modulation frequency is selectable between the values: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Hz.

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