Magnetotherapy uses the physical action of electromagnetic waves at different frequencies and intensities by mobilizing the positive and negative ions present in the body’s cells.

The “E.L.F. Magnetic” J&S is modular in the following specific configurations for different therapeutic needs. The control console, called: “fisiocomputer MG2 magnetotherapy” which should be used in each case, and by itself can directly drive up to two applicators local and/or a booster pilot cylinder “total body”; applicators local, in two both versions of the type bearing.

The CUMFAMG2 is constituted by a pair of two smaller bearings, each containing two solenoids in equal steps (for a total of four solenoids), while the CUMFAMG8 is the largest and contains eight solenoids in 2×4 configuration to alternate phases.

Alternatively, or in addition to the previous configuration is available in a kit consisting of: cot-patient and solenoid cylinder (diameter 640mm). Applications typically “Total- Body” with the patient in a horizontal position. The cylinder flows (with manual operation) around the padded table of the bed, to optimize the positioning.

Also you can have a kit comprising: a base with vertical scrolling and solenoid cylinder (diameter 640mm). Applications typically “Total-Body” with the patient in an upright position (sitting or standing). The cylinder slides vertically (with manual override), to optimize the placement.

In configurations in the cot or stand is indispensable”s electronic-booster for driving electric cylinder “Total- Body”. Piloted by the signals coming from the command console, in turn electrically pilot cylinder.

Like all products of J&S “Fisiocomputer MG2-MGS” have a number of preset protocols specifically designed for the different diseases to treat.

The “fisiocomputer MG2” is an apparatus for the treatment of the patient by means of pulsed magnetic fields at low frequency (ELF, which stands for “Extremely Low Frequencies”), exclusively therapeutic purposes.

The main therapeutic effects reported in the literature for this type of applications are substantially two: the antiphlogistic and the stimulating tissue repair. The main therapeutic applications can be briefly divided into: diseases of the musculoskeletal system (acceleration processes osteorigenerativi, nonunion, osteoporosis, Sudeck disease), diseases of the vascular (arterial and venous diseases), skin diseases (atrophic dermatitis, psoriasis, poorly granulating wounds and ulcers), surgery (healing action ), neurology (neuritis or on the basis of chemical irritant).

The “fisiocomputer MG2” provides for the direct connection of a maximum of two applicators local (single or multiple), or through a special booster, a cylinder for applications “Total-Body”. In both cases, the apparatus allows the generation of a pulsed magnetic field, with a frequency varying from 5 to 100Hz, and magnetic field intensity of each pulse of 100 Gauss (measured at the center of each solenoid to two inches away of its surface Outdoors, or within the cylinder to approximately five centimeters from the inner edge, which corresponds approximately to the position of the tissue to be treated).

The emission is then modulated so as to vary the “Duty Cycle” (ie the ratio between the duration of each pulse and the period between two successive pulses) from a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 80%. Each combination frequency/Duty Cycle is then repeated in a sequence of a maximum of four consecutive combinations different between them (“Phases”). This configuration option allows the implementation of treatment protocols.

The MG2 delivers pulsed magnetic fields (through the two applicators local and/or through the cylinder “Total- Body”) with the single scan mode. As already mentioned previously, this method produces a sequence of a variable number from one to four consecutive phases, each of which is distinguished by its pulse frequency and duty cycle of the single pulse. The time duration of each phase is equal to the total time of treatment required, divided into equal parts for the phases activated (for example, 30:00 with four stages activated corresponds to 07:30 for each phase).

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