We design and manufacture the widest range of physio devices and machines. What distinguishes our devices, designed to help physiotherapists in their therapies, is their technological value and military-grade solidity.We are a historic brand in the physiotherapy equipment market: our clients are both professionals and rehabilitation centers, offering a complete series of certified medical devices 100% Made in Italy.

From magnetic therapy devices to laser therapy machines, from ultrasound equipment to cryotherapy or hyperthermia devices, without forgetting portable machines for physiotherapy such as the Tecar TK1 or the multifunction UNIK4, which allow the physiotherapist all the technology for instrumental rehabilitation in the practicality of a bag.

BFB4 electomedical electromyographic biofeedback

BFB4 – Two-channel electromyographic biofeedback

The BFB4 Fisiocomputer is a two-channel electromyographic biofeedback, which is an electromedical device for physical therapy designed to detect and present in graphic form the surface potentials that are transmitted by nerve fibers. All to be able to perform motor rehabilitation exercises.

IP1 Hyperthermia therapy device

IP1 – Hyperthermia

IP1 is an electromedical used in the physical therapy of heat in the treatment and rehabilitation pathway of the musculoskeletal system.

LTS60. Power scanning laser

LTS60 – Power scanning laser

The Fisiocomputer LTS-60 - Scanning Power Laser is an electromedical for physiotherapy for the treatment of the patient by laser beam, for therapeutic purposes only.

Movescan. 3D Prioprioception device for rehabilitation

Movescan – 3D proprioception, Rom test and rehabilitation

The Fisiocomputer MOVESCAN is a 3D Total-Body rotational and positional biofeedback with rehabilitation function. In particular, it is designed to measure joint angles and to perform rehabilitation exercises through direct visual feedback of the patient.

Electro-medical device for tecar therapy

TK1 – Tecartherapy

TK1 is an electromedical device for tecar therapy that guarantees high portability without sacrificing the power required for treatments.

UNIK4. Multifunction device all-in-one for physiotherapy

UNIK4 – Multifunctional device

The UNIK4 - Multifunction is designed for all those who wish to own an entire physiotherapy center in a single device. The UNIK4 - Multifunction offers a range of programs designed specifically for every single need that is analgesic, rehabilitation or preparation.

Cryo-ultrasound device for physiotherapy

USF1 – Cryosonic

USF1 is an physiotherapy device that uses cold ultrasounds. Cryo-ultrasound therapy is a new highly effective therapy for the treatment of inflammatory and painful states. The anti-inflammatory action of the ultrasound therapy is combined with the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain action of cryotherapy.

Fisiocomputer, as a brand, was founded in 1992, but the design and production of J&S physiotherapy devices dates back to the late 1970s, with machines dedicated to electrotherapy and electromyography. On the page of the electromedical division you can retrace the stages of our history and our equipment.
Fisiocomputer has two production lines: Pro and Elite. Together, the two lines comprise the most complete range of professional physiotherapy machines entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.
The medical division of J&S has obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 quality certifications for the design and production of active general medical devices for physiotherapy.

Technological experimentation is inherent in J&S DNA. Suffice it to recall the close collaboration with the Italian Air Force since 1992 for research and development: a technical know-how and experience that was then transmitted to our machinery. On the other hand, even the solidity of our equipment borders on a military level quality: an important but too neglected fact nowadays in import production.
The possibility of purchasing 100% Made in Italy electromedical equipment directly from the manufacturer is the third qualifying factor which means: price containment, guaranteed assistance, constant dialogue between the professional / end user and the designer with a view to continuous improvement.

TK1 is a professional tecar machine, with a unique quality-price ratio on the market. A technological jewel little more than a book, perfectly transportable in a bag. Given the great demand for Tecartherapy devices, it is the product for which we have the greatest number of requests for both purchase and rental.
Also portable and increasingly popular is the UNIK4, with which it is possible to use two different therapies at the same time, obtaining the desired results even faster than any other multifunctional machine existing up to now.
Without forgetting our devices for hyperthermia and cryo-ultrasound therapy, which belong to a more sophisticated range, particularly appreciated in many Italian centers.

The factors that make professionals tend to purchase our physiotherapy devices are first of all two: portability and solidity. There is no shortage of portable machinery on the market for activities outside the studio, but the quality and robustness of Fisiocomputer products can be perceived at first glance. These are choices that, in the long run, pay off, in terms of customer satisfaction and return on investment.

All products have a 24 month warranty. We provide timely technical assistance for which the average intervention time at the laboratory does not exceed 48 hours. Fisiocomputer sells and distributes its machines in Europe and in the world: we also remember our participation in international trade fairs dedicated to equipment for medicine and physiotherapy.

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