Many times I asked myself as a trainer and as the user because of a success so widespread and long lasting. We can no longer speak of a trend, since we far exceeded the decade from his arrival in Italy.

We are not in front of a scientifically validated method. Zero EBM. Surely it was the physical medium with the biggest marketing campaign in the history of physiotherapy in Italy. Few others have had and have a real marketing department dedicated to a product in physiotherapy.

Today we arrived at the highest point and the lowest of its spread.

The judgments of the courts are doing clarity on the legality of patents and trademarks. At the same time dozens of products, many of questionable value , come to market and are sponsored by the pseudo product specialists who marry without having a commercial cases ad hoc preparation and historicity of experts users. There is a commercial incontrovertible truth.

The Tecartherapy in a physiotherapy center must be present at par with the qualification of operators.

It is a fact that like it or not. In fairness, it should be noted that without proper training in manual therapy is virtually impossible to be competitive on the market. The therapeutic integration between manual therapy and physical means high technology is and will be the challenge for the future of rehabilitation sciences. A commitment of those free from dogmas will create new synergies and experience, aimed exclusively at improving outcomes for our patients. But let us leave aside these arguments that are shaking the chair of the sycophants EBM in manual therapy, remember that innovation is often born by visionaries, who think that it is always possible to create something better. Let’s go back to the Tecartherapy and his extraordinary success! The thermotherapy is part of the history of humanity from east to west.
Think about ancient roman SPA or moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine. Hyperemia has a beneficial effect on tissue biology. The ways in which we create a thermic effect and a change of blood perfusion are important.

We can do this with an electromagnetic wave or with a hot brick.

We can do it in treatment areas small or very large, we can use exogenous and endogenous thermotherapy, we can control the time of application and determine the timing of days of treatment, but a real dose in relation to the state of the disease is very far from being able to calculate. If you think Tecartherapy can be used with a real concept of atermia stop reading this article and urgently contact me in private!

The atermia is a simplification of teaching!

Transfer heat is not always indicated and understand what are the criteria for exclusion treatment is simple. Knowing the absolute contraindications to treatment should be part of the professional background of each physiotherapist and then move on.

The Tecartherapy works even in inexperienced hands much more than in other methods, this fascinates me and forces me to search for the solution that goes beyond just the scope of EBP, which probably TECARTETAPIA TO LIFE.

It should be noted that this extraordinary form of energy in the treatment of an area of the body acting at various levels. Triggering processes and fascial connective tissue, muscle and neurological disorders, and vascular -type reflection. All this to say that very often the mere fact of turning it on and pass it as an iron on the patient can lead therapeutic effects. This creates confusion and leaves many young people from deepening techniques of manual therapy and functional analysis.

The Tecartherapy IS NOT THE PANACEA, is a tool that does not represent a continuum with the hands of the therapist, but rather with his brain.

Let’s see what happens during a treatment TECARTHERAPY and analyze it from several points of view. COMPLIANCE (pleasure and meaning).

Taking care of if it has a deep meaning. Even the unconscious is involved during the treatment. The Tecartherapy is a nice treat that combines high technology with the charm and the effectiveness of the massage. The physical contact triggers mechanisms ancestral and feeling nice and deep heat treatment makes a real sensory experience. Mobilization (this is life). This method has always included joint mobilization or connective tissue within the treatment. Mobilize during and immediately after the treatment is at the heart of the method. Active and active-assisted movements but also joint movements and accessories are helpful in making extraordinary treatment.

THERMAL EFFECT (the energy that cares).

What hyperemia takes effect on disorders of the musculoskeletal system is well known. Following the Law of Lehmann, the gradual increase in temperature promotes the oxygenation of the tissues, removal of catabolites and an increase in metabolic inflammation. It should also be mentioned the relationship between heat/energy reflected and therapies, whether they are of a structural nature that energetic nature.

EMPATHY (placebo effect).

The patient and the therapist are in a contract that favors both. In the treatment time exchanging information, empathy grows, it is a magical moment where the word becomes a drug and is stimulated by the propensity to healing.

Thoughts are chemical and stimulate the hormonal cascades that affect the general state of our body. The complexity and importance of the elements that come into play during a treatment Tecartherapy determined the success of the method. There is still much to do. Experiment with different frequencies and waveforms, new electrodes insulators. Create models with additions and therapies fascial and connective tissue in general.

Produce scientific papers in order to spread abroad a method that had Italy as the main actor in his growth. It will be crucial to understand who says: “I DO NOT BELIEVE THE MACHINES ” believed in God and miracles of PADRE PIO, the electro should be studied and known, then you can KNOW whether or not, and can not BELIEVE.

Luca Luciani FT