Opening a successful physiotherapy center its not an easy task.

Physiotherapy in Italy is definitely a growing market. The spa culture is spreading in this area and the clear perception that patients have to be followed in a professional manner lets you reduce the intake of drugs and the risk of recurrence. It should be recognized that the number of physical therapists is increasing and competition is today the significant factor to be studied.

Physical therapists abusive make it difficult to start up a new center for physiotherapy and the many new openings raise the bar in the quality of services provided and stimulate lower prices.

Hospitals and rehabilitation clinics are becoming less and physiotherapists, so the new graduates tend to settle down in a shorter time than in the past. It is inevitable and that a physiological increase in demand and the simultaneous increase of the small towns is fragmenting the market and generating uncertainty. Who is already positioned in the market for years and has had a careful management has a competitive advantage of professional and loyal customer base already.

Now, what are the first steps for the opening of a new center for physiotherapy?

The first thing that should be done is to aggregate, share risks is essential but most share the enthusiasm, real added value to any company that looks to the future with confidence. In this way you avoid the fragmentation of the territory and unite capital and professionalism. You can create synergies that can make the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary center of physiotherapy. The second step is to decide what form of authorization to open the frame.

Professional practice or clinic for physiotherapy

Surely the management costs are increasing but saw our pension system, to be able to outsource or sell at the end of a career center can be an important aspect. The study also open to a professional association is definitely slimmer than the previous solution as it binds the physiotherapist activity so essential. There is not the right solution and the wrong one, there is the most functional solution that should be analyzed with the help of a consultant.

Just clarified these aspects is required a careful market analysis that evaluates the territory.

Number of inhabitants, roads and transport, competitors are just steps from this analysis. Subsequently, the structure must be identified and analyzed for structural and logistical requirements. Now comes the fun part! You have to do a business plan and it is not always easy.

Do not recommend to leave it to the accountants, ours is a niche area and are often seen analysis meaningless.

Instead, seek advice from a friend or a colleague who has already done it or better yet turn to the experts.

The choice of electro is crucial for the market positioning and manual therapy is increasingly integrated with high technology. It is no longer as rare as a time that osteopaths acquire capital equipment to increase the quality and number of services provided. The education market goes to manual therapy physiotherapy but the market goes to the therapeutic integration.


Having an extra arrow to his bow as a modern electro is making us more competitive in the market but most of all is a better chance of healing for our patients. If the business plan is often done in an approximate way, provided it is done, the business model is unknown what the industry.

The flow of patients to internal study in relation to the number of operators, the space, the time of treatment, the electro etc., will determine the volume of business of the center. Of electro-dependent operator can not be the fortune or misfortune of a physiotherapy center.

In the end we analyze the brand and marketing that can not be left out of a careful business planning.

The center will have to find its uniqueness compared to the market.

Nel those who say, “we also do the treatment,” may have problems. The correct phrase is “just us.” It is the exclusivity of a service, or treatment from a huge competitive advantage, you just think this is really good and communicated properly.

Tecar, shock waves, hyperthermia, scanning lasers, are now essential to properly position itself in the market, especially when it comes to sports physiotherapy.

Each center must find its uniqueness winning service, in some cases, just assemble more knowledge or skills to get a new service.

After all, the iPhone is a phone, a camera, a small PC, an iPod, all in one. The innovation in physiotherapy is not invent the technique of the century, but integrate them properly those that already exist and maybe call them by another name.